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Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression Network
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Stephen Wyber
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Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression Network Mailing list

FAIFE-N aims to bring together a broader community of people with both interest and expertise in how questions of privacy, freedom of information and freedom of expression play out in libraries. In support of the work of the FAIFE Advisory Committee, it will serve as forum for exchanging information, for seeking comments and contributions to FAIFE projects, and for sharing invitations and suggestions of events where an IFLA FAIFE perspective could be helpful.

The list is open to anyone, but you need to subscribe to send/receive messages.

To subscribe to the list, please send a message to in the subject line of your message, type in: SUB FAIFE-N Your_First_Name Your_Last_Name

There is no obligation to give your name, but it will help us identify network members who might be able to attend events.

Messages intended for distribution to the list should be sent to:

Disclaimer and Terms of Use of IFLA's Mailing lists:

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